Pat Torpey – Drum Hero of the Year 2014

Pat Torpey

Mr. Big’s secret weapon, Pat Torpey is hailed number two for Drum Hero of the Year 2014 by Musicradar.

After announcing that Pat has been battling Parkinson’s Disease, he still managed to join his band on stage for their world tour last 2014 in support of their new album …The Stories We Could Tell. Truly a hero and an inspiration to many. He may not be able to perform normally his ultimate drum skills, Pat assumes he will never leave his band hanging. And with that he has been given credit, and I pretty sure a lot of his supporters agree with me. When he announced to his group about his disease, it was pretty rough for them but his BIG brothers supported him 100 percent without a doubt.

I hope Pat will recover with his illness and keep the fire burning with Mr. Big.

Here’s the link for the full list of the Drum Hero of the Year 2014.


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